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Don Jensen

Don Jensen
Don Jensen was raised in the Evangelical Free Church; in fact, he and Linda still attend the same church he grew up in, where Don's parents and grandparents also attended. Trinity was in the church's mission's budget and so the Jensens began to give.

Through the years, they visited campus and met Dr. Waybright as part of the President's Inner Circle. "We got to know Trinity personally and have really appreciated the family atmosphere. Faculty, administration, students: it's one big Christian family, and that has really impressed us."

Don and Linda know about family. Along with five children and one adopted daughter, they have cared for sixty foster children since their first placement forty two years ago. With a laugh they will share how they went to Cape Cod last year to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary with a baby. "We really feel that that's a ministry that God has given us and that more Christians should get involved in. Caring for the widows and the orphans is in Scripture."

Don worked for Pratt & Whitney as a metallurgist for forty two years and served in various positions on their church board for thirty four years. Linda stayed at home, busy with ministry to all their children, as well as teaching Sunday School and serving in various capacities at church. When the Jensens wrote their will, they chose to give a certain percentage to the local church and to Trinity. They are also encouraging their grandson to attend; Don and he visited campus together last March.

Along with Trinity's foundation on Scripture, the Jensens appreciate the interaction with culture. "It seems that when something comes up in the culture, Trinity goes right after it and teaches their students how to address that in the culture, rather than putting heads in the sand and trying to ignore it."

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Cynthia R. Lang, Photographer